Rapunzel (vix_da_vixen) wrote in classy_laydeez,

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Ideas please

What can i buy my man for Valentine's Day?

We need to allow for:-
*My lack of cash
*Carrying it to Scotland
*The fact he has everything in the world already and is therefore a complete pain in the arse to buy for
*The fact that re. books, DVDs etc. I am not at liberty to snoop and see what he has and hasn't got

So come on, ideas please! Oh and keep it clean, i've gotta face the parents!!! ;o)
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Buy him a mug. They have some on The Bills website.....oh i forgot, not everyone is as geeky as i am whenit comes to The Bill.... *snigger*
Hmmm, could get him a Rangers mug but i think they're in short supply down here!